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Merger and Acquisition Bombshells that will Cost You

It’s hunting season in corporate America.

Merger and acquisition activity increased in late 2010, and as the economy improves, there’s no doubt we’ll see more. Because, now is the time that savvy organizations are snatching up some deals and capitalizing on opportunities to expand their product lines or gain new customer bases.

But not every deal is a winner, once you scratch beneath the surface—and as the finance professional for your organization, it’s your job to tell the difference between a golden opportunity and a dud. A difficult challenge even in the best of times.

And there are other pitfalls in the process, like failing to reward shareholders with a positive return on their investment … getting in over your head in a new market or line of business … not keeping stakeholders properly informed … nightmares that could cost you your job and even destroy the organization. (Remember Excite@Home? You may not, because they’re out of business now, after Excite merged with @Home and went down in flames. Part of that story is that after the merger, they refused to buy Google when it was offered to them for a mere $1 million—generally accepted as one of the worst business decisions ever.)

Being able to evaluate potential acquisitions accurately helps ensure a solid market position—and a solid future—for your own company. You want to make the types of decisions that will result in investments that have a high rate of return and new businesses that yield ongoing rewards to shareholders.

Join George Brown, CEO of Blue Canyon Partners, as he shares some new ways of looking at M&A candidates to avoid some of the most common mistakes of the past, as well as providing a process for making sure that the firm making the acquisition is in a position to ensure a success story.

Learning Objectives:

  • Top considerations when entering a new line of business
  • Evaluating the full customer chain, not just the acquisition candidate in isolation
  • 4 questions to ask about every M&A candidate
  • Caution flags—and how to put the dampers on a bad deal
  • Predict reactions to your decision from competitors
  • Use disruptive scenarios to identify opportunities for breakout successes

Presented By:

George F. Brown Jr.

George F. Brown Jr., is CEO and co-founder of Blue Canyon Partners, where his practice allows him to contribute to solving clients’ business-to-business growth challenges. Prior to Blue Canyon, Brown held senior leadership roles in a number of organizations, including DRI/McGraw-Hill and ICF Kaiser International, Inc., and served as the Theodore Roosevelt Professor of Economics at the U.S. Naval War College. He has published extensively in academic and business journals and testified frequently before Congress. Brown received his M.S. in Industrial Administration and his Ph.D. in economics from Carnegie-Mellon University. Along with Atlee Valentine Pope, Brown is the author of CoDestiny: Overcome Your Growth Challenges by Helping Your Customers Overcome Theirs, published in 2010 by Greenleaf Book Group Press of Austin, Texas. See for more details.

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