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Audio CDs

I-9 Compliance: Audit Yourself before the Government Does

Gone are the days of handcuffs and ICE raids. The new government strategy for enforcing immigration laws? Go for where it hurts the most—your corporate wallet.

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“Oops, That Didn’t Go Well!” What HR and Managers Can and Can’t Say to Employees

It’s just too easy to say the wrong thing and bring on a lawsuit these days—which is why HR pro Mindy Flanigan has put together some of her best advice, so you’ll have the right thing to say in any awkward HR situation.

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“Why Are You Picking on Me, Boss?” Complaining Employees and Retaliation Claims

If an employee doesn’t like something you’re telling them, like, “You need to show up on time or you’re fired,” how easy is it really to cry, “You’re picking on me!” That’s how retaliation claims are born—and they’re easier to prove than you think.

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Behavioral Interviewing - Getting to Know the Real Person Behind the Application

Employee turnover, poor performance, and employee conflicts are expensive problems that many managers and companies struggle with.

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Canadian HR: Implement Enforceable Employment Contract

In Canada, employees get paid severance not to work. This includes employees fired for poor performance. A properly drafted employment contract can be the magic bullet.

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Audio Conferences/Webinars

12/18/14 Stop Hiring the Wrong People!

Instead of relying just on job experience or education, you’ll discover how to reveal behavioral criteria that make the difference between top-performers and people who are likely to fail, quit or stay without producing.

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Proven Strategies for Surfacing the Best Candidates

In this book, we'll give you proven strategies used successfully by professionals across the country. This advice has helped them, and will help you, to surface the strongest candidates for your job openings.

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Hire Exceptional Employees: A Process for Recruiting Top Talent

Hiring the right person is a challenging process, and it is one that you can’t take lightly. It goes way beyond interviewing a bunch of people and making a snap decision

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Hiring the Best Bundle

Are resumes piling up for the open position at your company? Are you having a hard time choosing the perfect candidate for the position? Well, don't you worry, this bundle will help you with that and more.

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Hiring the Best: Onboarding

"Hiring the Best: Onboarding" is a ready to use, customizable orientation "toolkit" that will help you quickly and easily revamp your orientation program, and help you keep the talent you spent so much time and money recruiting.

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Hiring The Best: Recruiting

In today's job market, finding top talent is growing more difficult. And despite expensive - and extensive - recruitment tactics, organizations still continue to come up short in their efforts to recruit the best and brightest candidates.

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Mastering Difficult Conversations

When managers are uncomfortable, they will avoid handling delicate situations. Give your supervisors the training they need to feel more confident, and deal with the problems before they do more harm.

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Online Training Courses

Hiring Secrets: 12 Tips To Get Candidates To Reveal Their Ture Selves

You need specific skills to prepare and conduct successful interviews. This course provides you with practical steps you can follow to improve your interviewing techniques.

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Interviewing Techniques That Help You Hire The Best

This course presents a system for interviewing that will help you get the most important information from candidates and then objectively rate them to find the best one for the job.

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Hiring Secrets: 12 Tips to Get Candidates to Reveal Their True Selves

We all have our war stories about people who interviewed so well and then turned out to be so wrong. Hiring problems are common - they eat up time and money.

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Interviewing Techniques That Help You Hire the Best

Bad hiring decisions hurt morale, increase your personal workload and can even damage your reputation. Why not stack the odds in your favor the next time - and every time - you hire?

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Professional Conduct 101: Vital Skills for New Employees

Starting a new job always has its challenges, but new employees need to understand that success often hinges as much on projecting a professional image as on the quality of their work.

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