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2012 Updates to NFPA 70E and How They Affect Your Electrical Safety Program

Has the 2012 edition of NFPA 70E affected your Electrical Safety Program? A synopsis of the major changes that have occurred to the 2012 Edition of NFPA 70E and what you may have to do to comply.

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Distracted Driving: The Reality, the Myths, and Company Liability

Is it time for your employees to hang up and drive? The facts-and-numbers research on how distractions affect our driving—and the liabilities to companies. How to limit your risk and keep everyone safer behind the wheel.

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Enhancing Job Hazard Analysis Through Risk Management and Behavioral Integration

Recently a new and enhanced JHA version was released that incorporates risk analyses in order to focus on at-risk events within the JHA.

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Job Safety Analysis: A Step-by-Step, Time-Saving Plan for Getting Them Done Right

Serious safety leaders agree that conducting a Job Safety Analysis for each position in your operation is a good idea...and OSHA recommends you do them under its General Duty Clause.

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Stopping Risky Behavior through Job Hazard Analysis

Join us for a two hour audio conference as we explain the principles of JHA, how it can be used to satisfy OSHA/MSHA training requirements, how to identify those tasks that should be priorities for JHA utilization...

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