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Audio CDs

Become a Great Place to Work

Transform your company into a great place to work through a culture that fosters communication and civility.

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Building a Magnetic Culture: How to Attract Top Employees, Engage Them, and Make Them Want to Stay

High performers are your greatest asset—but in this competitive market, how do you recruit them, earn their loyalty, and keep them happy and productive? Proven methods from the groundbreaking book Building a Magnetic Culture.

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Communicating-and Boosting Morale-While Surrounded by Layoffs: 12 Strategies for Keeping Chins Up When the News is Going Down

Join Dr. Bill Lampton to explore his valuable guidelines for boosting attitudes and action during fearful times.

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Creating a Real Recognition Culture in the Workplace

Maybe its time to re-examine your recognition practices. Lasting recognition is not built upon programs alone. Real Recognition is driven by solid values and principles that make recognition giving not only happen but last.

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Audio Conferences/Webinars

10/29/2014 “Sorry, No Raises this Year”

With an online search,employees can find out what your competitors are paying. If you can’t afford to pay them what they industry standard, you risk losing your most talented employees.

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Gambling with Gift Cards: The Dos and Don’ts of Behavior-Based Safety Initiatives

There’s more than one way to motivate an employee—and before you hand out a steak dinner or another award, check here to see if you’re incentives are creating lasting change—or sabotaging it.

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Smart Trust: Creating Prosperity, Energy & Joy in a Low-Trust World

How are some business leaders achieving amazing success—even in this difficult economic climate—when so many others are failing? Stephen M.R. Covey’s latest insights and research on the tipping point of trust.

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476 Quick & Practical Ideas to Work Smarter and Succeed

This tip book provides powerful ideas for almost every aspect of workplace communication.

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How Promotable Are You?

This entertaining and practical tip book provides 35 career-building "quizzes" that will help you become a valued peak performer at your organization.

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How to Shine in Difficult Workplace Situations

The boss steals your idea. A top employee threatens to quit. A colleague blabs your secrets. These are just a few of the sticky workplace situations - and their solutions - that you'll discover in this special report.

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Mastering Difficult Conversations

When managers are uncomfortable, they will avoid handling delicate situations. Give your supervisors the training they need to feel more confident, and deal with the problems before they do more harm.

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Retaining Great Employees

Adding new employees to your team can be a very positive experience. New hires are sources of fresh ideas and often offer innovative approaches to how you work

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Achieving Peak Performance on the Job

Imagine yourself as more efficient, helpful and productive. You'd know exactly where to begin, what questions to ask and how to get the job done right every time. Believe it or not, it is possible.

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For Employees...Being Positive in the Workplace

Every office has them ... the "party poopers." Negativity can get a stranglehold on a workplace. It spreads as quickly through an office as a computer virus. Fortunately, the flip side is true, too. A positive attitude is also contagious.

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For Managers... Creating a Positive Workplace

Does your workplace need an attitude adjustment? A positive, energized workplace doesn't happen automatically. It takes more than a paycheck to bring out the best in people. It takes an exceptional manager.

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Motivating Employees During Organizational Change

Do you cringe when you hear: "But that's the way we've always done it"? Show the downside of "business as usual" and the upside of changing ... with guidance from this powerful video.

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