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“Oops, That Didn’t Go Well!” What HR and Managers Can and Can’t Say to Employees

It’s just too easy to say the wrong thing and bring on a lawsuit these days—which is why HR pro Mindy Flanigan has put together some of her best advice, so you’ll have the right thing to say in any awkward HR situation.

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“Want This Job? Give Me Your Password.” Facebook Flops and Other Dangers of Social Media at Work

Can an online recommendation on LinkedIn come back to haunt you and your company? If an employee swears from a company Twitter account, who is responsible? Answers to HR social media nightmares.

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“Why Are You Picking on Me, Boss?” Complaining Employees and Retaliation Claims

If an employee doesn’t like something you’re telling them, like, “You need to show up on time or you’re fired,” how easy is it really to cry, “You’re picking on me!” That’s how retaliation claims are born—and they’re easier to prove than you think.

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10 Most Difficult Obstacles to Successful 360-degree Feedback—and How to Conquer Them

How you conduct your 360, from how you gather information to who sees that information, can make or break the process. Insight from veteran expert Dale Rose based on research and 20 years of client experience.

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2012 Employment Law Update for HR

How do critical changes in employment law affect corporate HR policy this year?

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Audio Conferences/Webinars

Gambling with Gift Cards: The Dos and Don’ts of Behavior-Based Safety Initiatives

There’s more than one way to motivate an employee—and before you hand out a steak dinner or another award, check here to see if you’re incentives are creating lasting change—or sabotaging it.

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101 Ways to Influence People on the Job

Did you know that the most successful communicators have never persuaded a single person in their lives? It's true. The key to their success: They've helped others persuade themselves!

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21 Workplace Personalities: How to Say the Right Things at the Right Time

The advice presented in this tip book offers the best ways to communicate with a variety of workplace personalities, including: change resisters, chronic complainers, irate customers, nitpickers, office dictators, procrastinators and many more.

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476 Quick & Practical Ideas to Work Smarter and Succeed

This tip book provides powerful ideas for almost every aspect of workplace communication.

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How Promotable Are You?

This entertaining and practical tip book provides 35 career-building "quizzes" that will help you become a valued peak performer at your organization.

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How to Shine in Difficult Workplace Situations

The boss steals your idea. A top employee threatens to quit. A colleague blabs your secrets. These are just a few of the sticky workplace situations - and their solutions - that you'll discover in this special report.

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Human Resources Training Camp

A 2.5 day event covering the essentials of employment law and human resource management.

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Leadership Training Camp

A two-day event that offers a proven method for developing your leadership skills, while providing you with approaches for applying those skills in today's fast-paced corporate environment.

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Essential Skills for Managing Conflict

This comprehensive multimedia product is full of action-oriented tips that will teach managers and their staffs how to confront conflict instead of allowing it to fester.

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Mastering Difficult Conversations

When managers are uncomfortable, they will avoid handling delicate situations. Give your supervisors the training they need to feel more confident, and deal with the problems before they do more harm.

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Retaining Great Employees

Adding new employees to your team can be a very positive experience. New hires are sources of fresh ideas and often offer innovative approaches to how you work

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The Co-Worker from Hell: Successfully Manage Your Most Challenging Work Relationships

The Co-Worker from Hell: Successfully Manage Your Most Challenging Work Relationships teaches employees how to minimize conflict with hellish coworkers, confront their behavior head-on, resolve your issues.

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The Complete Organization Toolkit

This toolkit teaches you and your staff how to organize your workplace and workloads so that you maximize those hours you spend in the office.

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Online Training Courses

Motivating Employees During Organizational Change

This course covers techniques that will help you guide employees through change.

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Solving (Even More) People Problems On The Job

This course shows you how to deal with more behavior problems you may encounter in the workplace in a successful, tactful, and professional manner. The course also provides strategies for managing and changing someone’s behavior.

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Achieving Peak Performance on the Job

Imagine yourself as more efficient, helpful and productive. You'd know exactly where to begin, what questions to ask and how to get the job done right every time. Believe it or not, it is possible.

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Arrest That Stress: How to Depressurize Your Work Life

Workplace stress runs high all too often. Those of us who suffer from it know - it can be painful. The costs are emotional, physical and financial.

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Communicating for Results: How to Be Clear, Concise & Credible

No matter what your role in the organization, communicating effectively is vital to getting things done and working productively with people.

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Communicating With People on the Job

Make everyone in your organization an effective communicator.

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Conquer the Chaos: The Best Ideas in Time Management

You can be successful at your job without working 60-hour weeks, straining your family life or going home every night feeling exhausted and frustrated. The key is to manage your time effectively.

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