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Auditing is a Basic Tool in the Safety Professional's Arsenal

This session will discuss the management system view of auditing and then outline the elements necessary (or the questions that must be answered) for an audit program to have meaning.

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Big Changes in Chemical Labeling Regs: OSHA Issues New Globally Harmonized System Rules

The first updates to OSHA’s strict Hazcom regs in 25 years makes the Globally Harmonized System rules even tougher and more detailed. How OSHA’s new ruling will affect every workplace under OSHA jurisdiction in unexpected ways.

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Escape OSHA’s Egregious Violation Machine

OSHA is looking for employers who it believes are “willful” violators — employers who knowingly put employees at risk.

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How to Limit Liability in Agency Inspections: Practical Tips for Before, During, and After

Companies are their own worst enemies during an agency inspection. Comprehensive advice for preparing for and conducting an agency inspection. Limit your liability and find and fix problems before the inspector finds them.

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Latest on OSHA Record Keeping Violations—Best Practices for Avoiding Fines

OSHA is on the lookout for companies that are cooking the books to escape inspections and keep workers’ comp premiums at bay.

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Audio Conferences/Webinars

1/17/13: How to Survive the New OSHA Crackdown

What’s behind the Obama administration’s focus on OSHA? And what does OSHA’s crackdown really mean for your business?

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Gambling with Gift Cards: The Dos and Don’ts of Behavior-Based Safety Initiatives

There’s more than one way to motivate an employee—and before you hand out a steak dinner or another award, check here to see if you’re incentives are creating lasting change—or sabotaging it.

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