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Audio CDs

I-9 Compliance: Audit Yourself before the Government Does

Gone are the days of handcuffs and ICE raids. The new government strategy for enforcing immigration laws? Go for where it hurts the most—your corporate wallet.

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The “Do Your Best Work” Training Pack for HR Pros

Our best speakers tackle some of the toughest topics you’ve been asking for! Work smarter and lead better—without spending a bundle!

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“Hey, Boss, is this a Drill?” 10 Most Overlooked (and Dangerous) Safety Problems Most HR Pros Miss

From skipping fire drills to no emergency plan, is your lack of planning going to make you legally liable if something goes wrong, not if but when there is an emergency or disaster in your office?

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“Oops, That Didn’t Go Well!” What HR and Managers Can and Can’t Say to Employees

It’s just too easy to say the wrong thing and bring on a lawsuit these days—which is why HR pro Mindy Flanigan has put together some of her best advice, so you’ll have the right thing to say in any awkward HR situation.

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“Want This Job? Give Me Your Password.” Facebook Flops and Other Dangers of Social Media at Work

Can an online recommendation on LinkedIn come back to haunt you and your company? If an employee swears from a company Twitter account, who is responsible? Answers to HR social media nightmares.

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Audio Conferences/Webinars

Workplace Training Center All-Access Monthly Pass

The Workplace Training Center All-Access Monthly Audio Conference Pass gives you unlimited access to incredible training all month long!

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Gambling with Gift Cards: The Dos and Don’ts of Behavior-Based Safety Initiatives

There’s more than one way to motivate an employee—and before you hand out a steak dinner or another award, check here to see if you’re incentives are creating lasting change—or sabotaging it.

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Managing Workplace Conflict: Who Are These People - and Why are They Driving me Crazy?

When people are driving you crazy at the office, it's easy to point fingers - but whether it's your fault or not, it still affects you. How not to feed into the drama...and maybe even make it better.

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Smart Trust: Creating Prosperity, Energy & Joy in a Low-Trust World

How are some business leaders achieving amazing success—even in this difficult economic climate—when so many others are failing? Stephen M.R. Covey’s latest insights and research on the tipping point of trust.

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Stepping Into Management: A detailed guide to laying a strong foundation and solving common management problems

This special report contains solid principles that any manager would do well to review. It supplies strategies to make your first months as a manager less confusing and more satisfying.

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Drama-Free Zone

This multimedia toolkit gives you know-how and training tools you can use immediately to foster a low-drama culture that motivates morale and productivity.

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Essential Skills for Managing Conflict

This comprehensive multimedia product is full of action-oriented tips that will teach managers and their staffs how to confront conflict instead of allowing it to fester.

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Hiring Secrets: Hire Right the First Time

Hiring can be a challenging process. But hiring the best goes beyond calling in that group of people and making a snap decision. That could get you into trouble--trouble that could take months or even years to resolve.

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Mastering Difficult Conversations

When managers are uncomfortable, they will avoid handling delicate situations. Give your supervisors the training they need to feel more confident, and deal with the problems before they do more harm.

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New Supervisor Toolbox

One of the major reasons supervisors fail is that they are not given adequate training and support. For most people, management skills do not come naturally - they must be developed.

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Online Training Courses

Professional Conduct 101: Vital Skills For New Employees

A new employee is likely to make mistakes or behave unprofessionally simply because he or she does not know the basics of professional conduct. This course will cover some of the vital skills for new employees.

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You Are The Organization

Your role in your organization goes far beyond the work you perform.

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Communicating With People on the Job

Make everyone in your organization an effective communicator.

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For Managers... Creating a Positive Workplace

Does your workplace need an attitude adjustment? A positive, energized workplace doesn't happen automatically. It takes more than a paycheck to bring out the best in people. It takes an exceptional manager.

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How to Communicate Clearly And Effectively With Employees

Remember the best boss you ever had? It's a good bet that he or she was an excellent communicator. Communicating clearly and effectively is probably the most important - and perhaps most difficult - responsibility of any manager.

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How to Give and Receive Criticism

Most people dread giving and receiving criticism because it goes against our natural desire to be respected and liked. But done properly, criticism can be a powerful tool to help you and others improve performance.

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How to Resolve Conflict at Work

Whether it's trying to satisfy customers who expect the impossible or co-workers who ask too much, you deal with conflict every day. You can confidently handle conflicts with the techniques presented in this new video.

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