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“Hey, Boss, is this a Drill?” 10 Most Overlooked (and Dangerous) Safety Problems Most HR Pros Miss

From skipping fire drills to no emergency plan, is your lack of planning going to make you legally liable if something goes wrong, not if but when there is an emergency or disaster in your office?

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“Oops, That Didn’t Go Well!” What HR and Managers Can and Can’t Say to Employees

It’s just too easy to say the wrong thing and bring on a lawsuit these days—which is why HR pro Mindy Flanigan has put together some of her best advice, so you’ll have the right thing to say in any awkward HR situation.

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“Want This Job? Give Me Your Password.” Facebook Flops and Other Dangers of Social Media at Work

Can an online recommendation on LinkedIn come back to haunt you and your company? If an employee swears from a company Twitter account, who is responsible? Answers to HR social media nightmares.

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“Why Are You Picking on Me, Boss?” Complaining Employees and Retaliation Claims

If an employee doesn’t like something you’re telling them, like, “You need to show up on time or you’re fired,” how easy is it really to cry, “You’re picking on me!” That’s how retaliation claims are born—and they’re easier to prove than you think.

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10 FMLA Mistakes That Even Smart HR Pros Make All the Time

In this session, employment law attorney Harold Goldner, Esq., will discuss the 10 common but avoidable slip-ups that have caused even smart, well-intentioned HR executives to provoke costly, distracting lawsuits.

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Audio Conferences/Webinars

5/6/14: How to Conduct Better HR Investigation Interviews

In just 90 minutes, expert investigator and employee attorney Allison West spotlights today’s best real-world strategies and ready-to-use techniques for conducting interviews that work hard to protect your business.

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Employee Terminations & Discipline: Seven Steps to Bulletproof Documentation

In this 90-minute webinar, Allison West shows managers how to use fair and accurate documentation to handle employee issues — without opening the door for government enforcement, federal and state penalties or civil damages.

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Navigating the ADA: Surviving the ADA-FMLA “Alphabet Jungle”

In this interactive webinar, Burt Fishman offers you new strategies for designing leave programs and handling leave requests, so you can cut your costs and your risk of EEOC investigations, lawsuits and losses.

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